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I purchased the new HotTom product by mail (from another upstate NY city, mind you), and the shipping was TWICE THE PRICE OF THE PRODUCT, it was sent by the Priority mail "if it fits it ships" box so I dont think it matters where you live or what the weight is with these prepaid boxes, it is a ripoff either way. It is NOT THE SAME AS THE ORIGINAL, the garlic which used to be fresh and white is now an awful unappetizing brown color from the packing or preserving process (so much for the claim of it being the "same recipe") and I checked into the claim made by Karyn the owner of it containing "nothing artificial" and found that sodium benzoate is produced from benzoic acid reacted with sodium hydroxide - synthetically. The new plastic jar is even messier than the tubs it used to come in, it was so messy and greasy I ended up throwing it out because no matter how much I wiped it down it kept leaking an orange ring of oil on my refrigerator shelf. Also, the manufacturer they now use to make it is OUT OF STATE in MA, I can believe they really could not find a company that was local to do this? I hope they dont have the gaul to claim that it is a New York State product because it isn't anymore!! You sold out, Pasta's!!!...

I just moved back to the East Coast after twenty years in California and the only thing that made it bearable was the thought of easily obtained Cheeky Monkey dipping oil. I wouldn't exactly call a potato with salt a "food blessing" but after twenty years of easily accessible, organically grown and inexpensive produce, I might be spoiled! On the other hand, stretch bread and Cheeky Monkey Dipping Oil is a match made in culinary heaven. I like it to put a spoonful on top of otherwise bland soup.

Cheeky Monkey with hamburgers... great idea, Willis!! Thanks for visiting.

I love the Cheeky Monkey Tomato Garlic Dipping Oil on just about everything. It is fantastic with hamburgers....Quite tasty with plain bread, too, provided it is with a quality bread like the Patisserie loaf mentioned.

Hi, Maureen --
I think I read somewhere that Pasta's makes/goes through 150 gallons of Spicy Hot Tomato Oil a week. Can that be right? Wow.
Props to you for making your own homemade noodles!

Margaret I'm glad I'm not the only one crazy for hot tomato oil! When I'm truly inspired I make my own homemade linguine to replicate the "Pasta's" experience but I never thought to use it as part of salad dressing. I always learn something from your blog.

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