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Hi, Tracy --
Great idea, shopping at the Pride of New York Harvest Fest. There are so many great foodie items/stocking stuffers there.
Putting your name in the hat right now. Thanks for visiting, and for your kind words. Hope to see you soon.

Hi Margaret,

My goal this Christmas is to finish up my shopping with everything from local stores (and I still have 80% of my shopping left to do!). Attending the Harvest Fest would allow me to get quite a bit more finished this year. :)

Great blog, as always!


Maureen --
Wish I had some Pasta's spicy hot oil... I'd try your lunch for breakfast!!
Have you tried the Syracuse Real Food Co-Op off Westcott Street for local eggs? Just a thought. Near SU and open to the public. I haven't been there lately, but should stop in. :)
PS: Throwing your name in the hat for ticket giveaway. Thanks for stopping by.

Hi Margaret, There is no substitute for local, especially produce at harvest time. And my new favorite lunch is Pasta's Spicy Hot Tomato Oil on stretch bread with poached egg. I just need a source for farm fresh eggs near the Syracuse University area. :) Thanks for your excellent blog.

Ryan --
Thank you for visiting -- and for the thoughtful reply/contest entry. We're looking forward to another Pride of NY Harvest Festival. Third consecutive year in Syracuse! Good luck.

We try to eat as local as possible on our grad student/health professional budget. Whenever our family and friends visit, we only take them to local restaurants! I'd love to win to learn about more local companies.

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