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Hi, Nancy -
Thanks for taking the time to visit - and comment. Haven't been to Pumpkin Hill since this time last year. Thinking it's time... glad to hear the food is great!

July 7, 2012

We just went with friends to Pumpkin Hill Bistro. It was our third time eating there, so we knew we were in for a treat. It was our friends' first time. They not only loved the food, but loved the decor and the atmosphere, plus the fact that there is a gift shop on the second floor. I ordered a crab cake, meant as a type of appetizer, but it was plenty for me, along with a good sized roll for a meal. I also had pie for dessert. My husband and the female half of the other couple had chicken pot pie, which was served steaming hot. The male half of the other couple had shepherd's pie, which he reported was very tasty. Two of us had pie for dessert, but the other two were too full to have dessert. All in all, the meal was delicious, plus I was delighted by the fact that I got a birthday present for a friend and presents for two great grandchildren while we were there. It can't be beat!!

That sounds wonderful. And so much better than my longest day of the year last week!

Yes, we get really tired of portobellos and artichoke hearts—and appreciate the rare restaurant that comes up with its own creations. Bonus: veg dining is usually easier on the wallet too!

Hi, Joanna --
Will of steel... and waistline of Jell-O! I am on a campaign (notice I'm not using the dreaded D word)... to eat more healthily and shed some pounds!
I'm motivated by you, Roxanne and my friend Maureen Nolan to include the non-meat-eater options. It seems like vegetarians get the short end of the stick in many restaurants.
Thanks for visiting!

Will of steel to pass up dessert! Thanks for including the non-meater option! You read my mind. Half way through, I was wondering just that!

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