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Just returned home from New Hartford. Giorgio’s greens are the best. Every time we visit our friends there, we always stop at Giorgio’s for greens.

Hi, Mike Murphy -
Thanks for reading. We live about 5 minutes from Delmonico's and will give those greens a try soon!

The Utica Greens @ Delmonicos are an absolute MUST try. Be sure to order it w/ the hot peppers

I like greens with potatoes

I love East Utica greens.. I make them with swiss chard. The first time I had them was in Albany. I do food demo's at a farmers market in Buffalo.. and last year I did East Utica Green... and they were a huge hit

Giorgio's has two different greens options. The one without potatoes is a win, for sure!

Nancy --

Went back to Dominique's Chesterfield in Utica again for the greens a couple weeks ago...mmmmm! Thanks for visiting and good luck with the recipe. I haven't tried it myself yet so I will be curious to know what you think and how it worked.



After having utica greens for the first time at Delmonico's in Rochester, I'm trying to make it at home tonight. Will let you know how ths recipe worked for me!!!

I am loving this recipe, since it is low carb!!!

Hello, A1dente,

I DO recall the departed Giorgio's in Lyncourt... and think about it every time I drive by the now-empty restaurant. It's too bad they couldn't make a go of it here. We would definitely visit Giorgio's in New Hartford again -- in addition to greens, we sampled the most delicious slow-cooked and savory meat sauce there!
Thanks for the Symeon's tip... Happy Eating and thanks for visiting.


I don't know if you remember the now departed Giorgio's in Lyncourt, but it was run by the same family as Utica location. Same great greens. The next time you are in Utica, you must make a pilgrimage to Symeon's in Yorkville.

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