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I didn't have this suggestion in 2010, but in 2022 I can tell you how I do it. You need an iphone or ipad and a program called Paprika (worth every penny). Take a picture of your recipe. Use the iOS text recognition feature to convert the image to text, and cut and paste into paprika. That's it! I have thousands of recipes saved by now.

Hi, Scott -- GOOD SUGGESTION! I have a scanner but had not thought of that. Hmmm. Definitely something to think about/investigate.

Thanks for visiting my blog.



You could get a scanner and scan the recipes onto your computer. I bet you could find some software that would organize them for you. Yeah, I'm an IT guy by day.

Hi, Nan --

Thanks for visiting. A lot of people would get this job done a lot faster, but I spent many months with it, chipping away a bit at a time, and was sad, in a way, to finally be done. I loved being in touch, physically, with the recipes, and mentally with the originators of them. The recipe for Mother's (my mother's mother!) crumb cake, in her handwriting, is so faded you can barely read it. It's attached to a new card in my scrawl, and in a plastic sleeve!

The cigar box is still sitting on a dresser, awaiting another use. Any suggestions?

Happy Christmas to you an Al! Is Otto fired up for a trip?


Thank you, Margaret, for reminding me that for many of us, our recipes document the lives of our family, the holidays, the joys, the sadnesses. I tried years ago to transcribe my family favorites into one of those fancy recipe books. I failed miserably. Once I lost the handwriting, the faded newspaper clipping, the words typed in the familiar IBM Selectric Elite font, I lost the stories behind the food. And I found I savored those stories more than the food.

So I love the way you salvaged your past while moving forward. You gave me wonderful tips on how to do it right, to preserve the memories and the recipes.

Thank you.

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