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Hi, Sharon -
I'm not familiar with the Princess Cake and not sure if Snowflake made it. I'm sure Francis at the Pastry Palace can answer that for you.

Did Snowflake Bakery make The Princess Cake?

If anyone has any information. My grandpa george goebel was one of the owners, and i wanted to find out about a coffee cake recipe among other things... I miss the strawberry cakes with whipped frosting and my favorite chocolate diamonds on the side.. :(

Marilyn -- Thank you for sharing your thoughts and memories about Snowflake Pastry Shoppe. It certainly is held in high regard and the place and the treats linger in the mind of many Central New Yorkers, current and former, myself included. Visiting the Pastry Palace is like going back there.
I am making a birthday cake this weekend and keep thinking about the strawberry and whipped cream cakes -- I'm sure Francis makes something similar. We'll see how it comes out. Next time maybe I'll just order one!

I worked at Snowflake in 1975-mid 1980's as a clerk/cashier. I loved the owners, all of my co-workers and best of all the customers....oh,how could I forget, I loved the chocolate 7-layer cake, custard ring, rum bar and the apple strudel. The black bread also known as Russian black bread was delicious.

It was interesting to see the wedding cakes that customers would request that were quite unique...one was with light brown frosting, topped with thistles and mushrooms (marzapan). There was also an extremely large Susan B. Anthony cake that had to be tilted at a 45 degree angle to get it out of the large side delivery door. I thought for sure it was going to slide right off the wooden base. Milt, George and Rocky always worked with and appreciated their customers and employees.

I have stopped in to see Francis and enjoyed a treat. If you haven't visited the Pastry Palace, pencil it in your calendar (or Blackberry, etc :)

marilyn r.

Hello, Rick --
I hope Francis sees your lovely note but I'm not sure he knows about this blog or post! It's nice to hear from the former owner of Pickles Kosher Deli. We miss your corned beef sandwiches -- the best in town. Hope you are doing well.
--Margaret McCormick

Franny i am on my way back to the cuse to visit mom and coming for a Bat Mitzvah. I will be there to share our old high school memories and corned beef memories over a glass of milk and your wonderful creations. Its always great to see you and have a blast from the past from you snowflake bakery days. Hope business is great and the family is well. We will be in Tues July 26th will bells on for your treats. See you soon.

Greetings, Joe H -- Thanks for visiting. I remember the original Snowflake Pastry Shoppe well but don't recall the black bread. Francis, the owner of the Pastry Palace, worked at Snowflake for years. Call him at 315-492-1905 and ask him about it. Maybe he can direct you to a recipe? You never know!

The Snowflake Pastry Shoppe was a favorite of our family especially on the weekends! I remember the loaves of Blackbread that my father would buy and have sliced on site! It was better than desert to have a slice of that with simply a pad of butter!! Oh where get I get that Blackbread again? No one around here knows how to make it or has even heard of it!!

Joe H.

Hi, Nancy C --

Nice of you to stop by and share your sweet memories of childhood and Snowflake Pastry Shoppe. You're not the first Marcellus resident to tell me that you miss having Pastry Palace close by... I bet Francis would be REALLY happy to see you in Jamesville.



I love Francis' victory cakes.(Choc cake with whip cream layers) My parents got them for me as birthday cakes when i was growing up and when Snowflake closed I was devistated. I rediscovered Francis when he was in Marcellus and miss that location. I am very glad to hear that he is doing well in Jamesville and look forward to many more years of Victory cakes!!!!

Hi, Martha -- Thanks for stopping by. I know what you mean: We shouldn't go grocery shopping or read food blogs on an empty stomach! Speaking of delicious things: forks up to whoever made the sour cream coffee cake for Bradlea's shower. That was fabulous! XO

Hi Marg, I love your blog and should never make the mistake of reading it before dinner. Now all I want is pastry!

Hi, Claire -- Drove through Jamesville on my way to Pompey the other day and resisted the urge to stop in Pastry Palace for more rugelach! Nice variety of baked goods and Francis is a sweetheart. I've been meaning to look in my yearbook, I think he was in my class at Nottingham.

Margaret, you wrote about two bakeries close to my heart. Our wedding cake came from Snowflake 25 years ago; years later, Francis open Pastry Palace in Marcellus. Now, Our village misses him and his delightful baked goods but I'm glad to hear he's doing well in his new location. Pastry Palace is a gem.

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