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Hi back, Maureen -- I have never made freezer jam. If you saw the inside of our freezers, you would understand why! But I know several people who make freezer jam with favorable results, now you included... maybe by next summer we can clear out some space! Thanks for visiting...

Hi Margaret, Have you ever made freezer jam? There are recipes on the sheet of paper that comes with the liquid pectin sold with canning supplies in the supermarket. Raspberry freezer jam is my favorite, retaining its bright color and super delicious. So easy too. Thanks for another great article. I love your ideas.

Hello, Elisabeth -- This post on canning has brought two new visitors from far-off place to my blog. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts on canning. I see that you and Ott, A also have food blogs. Great! Like you, I am thinking of getting some plums into jars... saw a recipe for plum-cardamom jam that sounds good.
What brought you to Syracuse and Central New York? Produce season is now at peak. Heading to the market shortly...


Dear Ott, A -- A "Canning Week Blog Party''? That sounds like fun. I will stop in next week, and let my Tweeps know about it on Twitter. Are you on Twitter? How do I find you? I am thinking about making one more batch of jam, maybe something with plums, and some apple butter, as apples are abundant in Central New York. Thanks for finding and visiting my blog. Visit often!


Inverting is a very good idea!

Hi - thank you! I was in your amazing city in June and July. Swoon.

I love the inspiring pics and text...And agree: Yes to canning.

The other day I defrosted last year's plums by mistake so I decided to turn them into jam, quickly.

I had no equipment apart from my beloved preserving pan.

Worth the investment, it makes preserving much easier, don't you think?

Anyway, I boiled the plums, de-stoned them, added sugar by look (a huge pile basically) and fast-boiled with some water.

I made one big (non-sterilised) jar of good tart jam within the hour.

With a gorgeous feeling of satisfaction/smugness to boot.

What great tips and reasons to can. I can too and am getting ready to host a "Canning Week Blog Party" on my blog. We will be posting lots of tips and recipes to encourage and educate others on canning. Hope you will stop by as we are also having a linky party and give-a-ways. It should be a lot of fun!!!

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