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Maureen --
I can't even remember where I picked up that basket, but it definitely comes in handy. It's sturdy and well-made and holds things you want to keep safe: pies, cookies, produce, etc.
Hope you had a great time @ the Cape. We should go to the market some Saturday!

Margaret not only do I love the photo of the produce and all the great tips of what to buy, but I love your basket itself! I can picture how cute you must have looked lugging such a wonderful old-fashioned item around a wonderful old-fashioned place. Thanks for another great article. I love this blog!

Hi, Liz --
I was lamenting bringing the basket because it got quite heavy and people were bumping into it. My friend Linda said I should use it to push my way through the crowd! :0)
Thanks for visiting, and happy foraging at farmers markets!

I love that you bring a basket to the farmers market! We're on the same page with our seasonal approach to the market - the good stuff isn't out until mid- to late June!

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