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Michelle and Suzanne -- You're both in. One hour and 14 minutes to go. Unless I receive a last-minute deluge of entrants, everyone here will win something! :)
PS, Michelle: I love the idea of a cookbook trade. That would be great.

Hi: I'd love a cookbook. How about a trade? Michelle.

Hi Margaret,

Count me in - and thanks for the reminder this morning!!

Suzanne :0)

Hi, Beau, Amber and Alison --

Thanks for visiting and helping me try to find good homes for books!

Amber: Sorry if the photo implies I'm giving away Jane Brody and the family slow-cooker book, live and learn, ... I'm not. BUT if any of you happen to win (deadline to enter is noon Thursday) I will try to honor requests for the type of cookbook you're interested in receiving.



Thanks Margaret - I would love to get a new soup/stew cookbook to try out. Keep up the good work - I really enjoy your blog. Beau

I'd love the Jane Brody cookbook (you probably knew I would!) as well as the family slow cooker, and the Moosewood.

great idea! i was just thinking i need some new cookbook inspiration... my favorites right now are gourmet, how to cook everything vegetarian, and bowl food (recipes are poorly written but very tasty).

Hi, Jenna -- Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting! I'm entering your name in the hat for a cookbook. As of right now, you stand a very good chance of winning.

Happy Trails!


I just stumbled upon your blog and love the local reviews! Your 2011 CNY dining related is great and definitely have me adding some of the places to my list. The cookbooks look great too! Looking forward to your future posts.

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