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Hi, Roxanne --

These particular tickets are good for Syracuse only. The winners have been selected -- you missed by a couple of hours, sorry.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


I am from upstate Albany area. Hoping these tickets are good for the Albany Fest next weekend?


Hi, Jenn --

Thanks for visiting... and participating in my first contest/giveaway!



What a wonderful contest!

And what a fabulous event! I'm psyched!

Food=fun is right, Jackie... good luck!


I would love to attend this event. Food=fun!

Hi, Maureen --

With just 7 entrants so far, everyone stands a good chance of winning!

Thanks for visiting.


Pick me! Pick me! I love the topics you select for your blog.

Thanks, Jeff. You're in!


Just got linked to this site via twitter, so much great information! I am lloking forward to this harvest fest!

Hi, Sarina --

I'm excited you discovered my blog. Visit often. Throwing your name in the hat!


I just discovered this blog via twitter this week, and am so excited I did! I've never been to the harvest festival before, so going for free would be even better. :) -Sarina

Hi, Marjorie,

It's a fun event... you're in.


I've never been, and would really like to try it.

Hi, Brad. You're in. Stop back often!


Nice Blog, this will be my first trip to the harvest fest and i'm really excited.

Hi, Beau and Tracy,

You are both entered to win. Thanks for stopping by!


I would love to be able to go for free. Thank you.

I keep seeing signs around for this fest and would love to go! I always enjoy reading your posts about delicious/wonderful places in CNY! :)

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