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Hi, Janet -- Thanks for visiting. Robert is a good photographer AND a good cook! Will be remembering the warm days of ratatiouille-making when it's cold outside.

Hi Margaret!

I'm sure that a winner has been picked by now, but I just wanted to say that all of the lovely vegetables lined up on that wooden table outside by the grill looked absolutely delicious. Very nice photo ... lots of color.

Hi, Maureen --

Yes, after grilling all the vegetables R. keeps the ratatouille hot then puts it in hot jars. Then the hot jars go briefly in a boiling water bath.

Thought I was done canning for the season but now I'm thinking about doing something with apples. Maybe apple butter?

Thanks for stopping by!


I love ratatouille! A dear French friend made it for me one day long ago and I got hooked. Like your niece I often place a poached egg on top. In fact, I put poached eggs on all sorts of veggie dishes for a hit of protein. But I never thought of grilling the vegetables first, nor did it ever occur to me to can the bounty. Great idea! Does Robert simply place the ratatouille into sterilized canning jars, seal and walk away?
Thanks for a top-notch food blog Margaret.

Thanks for your comments, aplaceforthoughts and Anne!
Anne is my French-American niece, who lives in Singapore with her husband...
I'm sure canned tomatoes are fine and freezing ratatouille is a great idea. We have never tried it with poached eggs, but I'll try anything once!
Thanks for visiting!

Looks delicious! (and now I'm in the mood for banana bread!)

Tres joli, en effet!
We make ratatouille occasionally in SG and freeze it...difficult to get good tomatoes here though, the weather doesn't allow them to ripen properly, so we just use canned italian ones. We tend to eat it with poached eggs.

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