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Awesome photos! My dad worked at Kodak & the one thing i vividly recall from a childhood visit to Kodak Park was an exhibit about how film was made and for the part about where gelatin came from they had not only cows hoofs but also a piece of cowhide that still had hair on it. And that was when I stopped loving jello.

I always figured 1-2-3 jello was snatched from the market because it caused cancer. This is way cool. Can one create 1-2-3 jello shots?

Dear Mrs. Oodles,
Thank you for reading Eat First! But how can something with Jell-O and pretzels in it be called a salad?

OMG! The lost recipe for Jell-O 1-2-3! I am no longer mad at you for not inviting me. Have we never discussed my love for all things Jell-O, including the truly wonderful Strawberry Pretzel Salad? I am not joking. Best stuff ever. p.s. very cute picture!

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